Bogie Refurbishment

PH Projects/ Anglo American

Keal Engineering refurbished 3 Complete Reclaimer Bogies to be used on Anglo Americans Rapid Loading Terminal.

Tube Sheet

TSB Sugar

Keal Engineering is starting to make a name for themselves when it comes to tube sheets. This was no exception at 6m diameter.


Techni Drives

A non-standard gear profile cut in our big 5-axis CNC. These sprockets were made from EN19T forgings.

Stacker Slew Drive

Jormid / Anglo American

Slew drives with tourque tubes were manufactured for Jormid Electrical. The client was extremely impressed with the workmanship and our delivery time.

SAF2205 Tube Sheet

High-Tech Piping

Another successful tube sheet.

Intermediate Flange

Hightech Piping

At Keal Engineering, our mission is to satisfy our customers by meeting all of the requirements for quality and on time delivery.